Saturday, November 28, 2020

Still Trying to Decide on a Trackplan for Ceresco

 Ceresco ("seh-RESS-koh") is one of two terminals on my Ceresco & Wolf River HO scale shelf layout. The other terminal, Scots' Landing, is nearing in progress -- track laid, some scenery done, some structures built. My requirements for Ceresco: 

  • Size, 9 feet x 2 feet
  • A simple plan -- most space given to scenery and scratch built structures
  • Varied elevations
  • Industrial atmosphere but not "big city" 
  • Most tracks not parallel to the edge of the layout
  • Drop-in Connection across the aisle for continuous running
  • Some staging, not necessarily hidden
  • Turntable & engine house
Here is the current "contestant":

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